I am the fiery Spirit known as Lord Genesis Raven, I am the reincarnation of Lord Raihi past leader of The Shadow Family when he fell... so did his family.. I will tell the brutal story that created the harbinger of evil and corruption ... Lord raihi went out on a mission and on that mission he was captured and was ripped apart piece by piece (in shadow form his body is metallic like) Raihi was completely ripped open and tested on by The Federation of The Reds they took Raihi's body and broke it down and turned it into a part of the new project they decided to work on called "Project Generation" it was a comeplete success until The Shadow Family found out that what they did to Raihi and his wife Darkrai completely broke the project up and it was returned to The Reds home base and tossed in the trash and considered to be useless until a few years later, the Federation of the Reds came up with a new cyborg upon awakening it. The body gave out a pulse reawakening Raihi's spirit causing a reincarnation therefore.. making Genesis and these were his first words "Fear... The...Raven...". 

_~Lord Genesis~_  ~# 9 Shadowlord~

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