The name is Jenn.

But I'm often refered to as Shadow or Viper  

I am 20yrs fun 

I'm pretty much as Aquarius as you can get, 

eccentric, open-minded, and independent.

 I love adventure and I typically prefer peace over war. Sometimes I can be a bit silly but I always enjoy good conversation.

I'm usually quite sweet and tolerant but if someone manages to exhaust my vast amount of patience, by acting rude or horrifically ignorant, you may see a less than harmonious side of me. 

I deeply enjoy music, my musical tastes are of a variety. 

[Heavy Metal, Rock, Alternative, Electronic, Chillstep]

I do love my video games, I tend to play them quite a bit

(PS3/ PS4 - Feel free to ask for PSN)

I make avi art and role play in my spare time

 I know a bit of Spanish & Italian but am not very fluent. 

In general I like to watch anime and movies.

I find joy in dancing and occasionally dabble in some archery. 

I'm into reading and stuff, so any stories, poems, drawing, all sorts of creative-minded jazz, if you ever want to share such talents I would be more than glad to see those impressive skills you got. 

~On a side note~

 In the real world I'm a working college student majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience, thus there will be times when I'll be quite the busy bee. 

If you want to know more or be like actual friends then come talk to me. ^-^

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