HI My name's Rani(Oc's name) it's nice to meet you  Im usually running around town's as yume-chan but  

sometime's im able to be myself XD if i am in town's with Dnangeltard then yuss it's me rani not yume-chan.  and the little girl with us is our daughter,if my avi is yume she's single/XD I AM NOT Dark's my husband) 

Im a Happy go lucky otaku who like most has a derpy Anime(gah hate saying 2d)husband who drive's me up the wall with his insanity  But anyway  i like to listein to almost any type of anime music i LOVE miku-chan she's so cute and i love Rping in Shuojo still also im a gamer ^v^ and no not a candy crusher i mean skyrim/minecraft/halo/bayonetta/kingdomhearts/devil may cry/Battle block theater and etc. 

(p.s slightly Addicted to D.N.Angel) 

Yume lamperouge is 15 and she's shy and adorable i usually call her a lolita because she tends to be to sweet and is easily doted on by anyone who meet's her,she's kinda simple minded,and frail,and i think even an air head but she's loyal to her family even if she get's hurt protecting them.

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